The following awards will be earned by teams competing at Brunswick Eruption:

Food Drive Champion

FIRST teams thrive because of the support from their community. In an effort to give something back, Brunswick Eruption supports the local community by running a food drive for those in need. Contributions are made to the North Brunswick Food Bank. The team who donates the most amount of food wins this award.

Shoe Drive Champion

Team 25 has partnered with ShoeBox Recycling and will be holding a shoe drive in addition to the food drive. Teams are asked to bring used/unwanted pairs of shoes to be recycled. Any shoes will be accepted. The shoes can be dirty, just not wet or mildewed. The team that donates the most pairs of used shoes will win this Tiki!

Kumu (Mentor/Teacher) Award

The Kumu Award is given to a mentor or teacher who represents hard work, persistence and ruthless dedication. To be eligible, teams must submit an essay of 600 words or less explaining how their chosen mentor goes above and beyond the call of duty for their team. Nominations can be submitted by filling out the designated form and must be received by 11:59PM on November 10th. This award is dedicated to the late Mike Wade of NASA Goddard who tirelessly drove an FRC field around the east coast to grow the FIRST program and make off-season events possible.

Gracious Professionalism “Mahalo” Award

Gracious Professionalism, or GP, is one of distinguishing pillars of the FIRST Robotics Competition. Dr. Woodie Flowers, who first coined the term, describes it as, “a way of doing things that encourages high-quality work, emphasizes the value of others, and respects individuals and the community.” At the start of the competition, each team in attendance will receive a GP Award nomination form in their pit. Teams will be asked to record a specific act of Gracious Professionalism performed by another team. The winner of this award will be the team whose nomination stood out to our panel of judges.

Evil Sundae Survivor

An Evil Sundae is ice-cream mixed with some, shall we say, “non-traditional” ingredients that change every year. Each team attending Brunswick Eruption will nominate one team member to participate in this contest. The goal? To eat, and keep down, the sundae in the fastest time possible. Each participant is allowed to bring a spoon of their choosing to use in conquering this evil dessert——we provide the barf bags. Participation in this contest is purely at the participants risk and we take absolutely no responsibility!

Future Glory Award

One of the primary goals of Brunswick Eruption since its inception has been to grow FIRST within the region. The first pre-rookie team competed at BE in 2004 and many have successfully followed in their path since, gaining exposure to FIRST and experiencing a competition in full before their inaugural FRC season. The Future Glory Award recognizes one of this year’s outstanding pre-rookie teams.

Brunswick Eruption Finalists

This award celebrates the alliance that makes it to the final match of the competition.

Brunswick Eruption Champions

This award celebrates the alliance that wins the final match of the competition.

Big Kahuna

Raider Robotix and Brunswick Eruption are run efficiently due to our dedicated and hardworking volunteers / parents. This award recognizes the year-round commitment of a volunteer that goes above and beyond their usual responsibilities for the team.